San Diego to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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Best Car Service from San Diego to LAX is City Captain Transportation, entering LAX image...

#1 Best San Diego to LAX Car Service

City Captain has been driving clients from San Diego to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for the past ten years and has earned great reviews for being dependable. One of our clients shared why she loves using our service when traveling for personal or business through LAX. I will use her story to give you a glimpse of why business and personal travelers generally use car service and specifically choose City Captain to ride to LAX and many southern California airports.


Why Choose City Captain Car Service to LAX?

She said, “I love using City Captain to drive me to LAX instead of driving, uber, taxi, or super shuttle for many reasons.” She loved to request a specific car, such as the Tesla X when she travels by herself or with her husband and Suburban SUV when she travels with her whole family. We also have Mercedes Sprinter Vans for groups of up to 14 passengers with plenty of space for luggage and surfboards or golf clubs.


Traveling for Business or Pleasure to LAX?

She shared that when she travels by herself for business, she first loves the fact that she can relax, let City Captain do the driving, use the wifi, catch up on her work, or make business calls for the two hours drive. Second, She enjoyed the experience of quiet drivers that give her the space to do her work. Third, She appreciated the fact she can request to stop on the way for any reason, and our drivers go out of their way to honor her requests. Fourth,  She felt very safe being driven by professional drivers that use technology, such as Waze, to predict how the traffic is looking ahead and recommend the time to leave to make sure she gets plenty of time to make it to her flight.


Impeccable Service

We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations and providing a top-notch airport transportation service.


Tesla X Experience to LAX (Safe & Stylish)


City Captain Transportation Tesla ride from San Diego to Los Angeles Intentional Airport (LAX) best car service per online reviews.

We have a special offer for those traveling to LAX. Our Tesla X rate is $295 and can accommodate up to 6 with 2 luggage. We prefer no more than 4 with about 3 large and two carryons. If you only have 2-3 passengers, it is the way to go with lots of comforts. We are offering this luxury ride with expensive vehicles for many reasons. One of which is safety. Tesla is the safest vehicle on the market, and safety is our number one priority. Tesla X is 100% battery-powered and environmentally responsible for helping our environment as much as we are on the road. Finally, it’s classy; people appreciate the falcon doors and all the latest on our time’s self-driving technology.



Group Travel to LAX?


Black Mercedes Sprinter Van Service in San Diego for car service to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

If you have a bigger group, we have two options. Suburban SUV for up to 6 or Mercedes Sprinter for up to 14 passengers with plenty of space for luggage. Do you have Surfboards or Golf Clubs? No problem, the truck has lots of space with a high roof.


How do you charge for San Diego to LAX?

Our rates are flat. For example, Tesla X SUV is $295, seating up to four comfortably. Suburban SUV is $345, seating up to six comfortably with luggage space for up to six. We also have a Mercedes Sprinter Vans at $550 that can accommodate up to 14 passengers with a rooftop that can handle golf clubs, surfboards, etc. Contact us, and we will recommend the best option for you based on the number of people and luggage.

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